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Title & Federal Programs

School Improvement and Federal Programs Administrator: Tasha Katsuda
Federal Programs Assistants: Bee McRae and Linda Hovey

Welcome to the Eugene School District 4J Office of Federal Programs. Our mission is to provide supplemental funding and fiscal compliance guidance to all Eugene 4j schools and departments. Through these supplemental support services, our schools can continue to provide their students with the essential skills needed to experience academic success.

Title I, Part A, Improving Basic Programs

Title I, Part A provides supplemental resources to the district to ensure all children, particularly low-achieving children in the highest-poverty schools, have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and State academic assessments.

School Wide Programs

A school wide program is built on school wide reform strategies, rather than separate, add-on services. A school is allowed to use funds from Title I, Part A and other Federal education program funds and resources to upgrade the entire educational program of the school in order to raise academic achievement for all the students.

Schools identified as “Title 1 School-wide Programs” are:

  • Arts & Technology Middle School
  • Awbrey Park Elementary
  • Bertha Holt Elementary
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary
  • Family Elementary School
  • Howard Elementary
  • McCornack Elementary
  • River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary
  • Spring Creek Elementary
  • Twin Oaks Elementary
  • Village Charter School

Targeted Assistance Programs

The term “targeted assistance” signifies that the services are provided to a select group of children; those identified as failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet the State’s challenging content and student performance standards, rather than for overall school improvement, as in school wide programs. A targeted assistance school differs from a school wide program school in several significant respects:

  • Part A funds may be used in targeted assistance schools only for programs that provide services to eligible children identified as having the greatest need for special assistance.
  • Part A funds must be used for services that supplement, and do not supplant, the services that would be provided, in the absence of the Part A funds, from non-Federal sources.
  • Records must be maintained that document that Part A funds are spent on activities and services for only Part A participating students.

Schools identified as “Targeted Assistance Programs” are:

  • Eugene Waldorf
  • Kelly Middle School
  • O’Hara Catholic School
  • Willagillespie Elementary

Teacher Qualifications
Parents of students in Title I schools have a right to know about teacher qualifications. That means parents may request and receive information regarding the professional qualifications of the students’ classroom teachers, including: (a) whether the teacher is state-certified; (b) whether a teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status; and (c) the baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate degree major or certification.  Please direct inquiries to the Federal Programs Staff at (541) 790-7559.

Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruitment Program

The purpose of Title II, Part A is to increase the academic achievement of all students by helping schools and districts improve teacher and principal quality and ensure that all teachers are highly qualified.

Title III, Part A – Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students

The purpose of Title III is to benefit Limited English Proficient (LEP) children and immigrant youth. The Act states that LEP students must not only attain English proficiency but simultaneously meet the same academic standards as their English-speaking peers in all content areas.

Title X  – The Education of Homeless Children and Youth 

The purpose of Title X is to ensure that homeless students are provided a free, appropriate education despite the lack of a fixed place of residence or a supervising parent or guardian.  The Eugene 4j School District Homeless Liaison is Deborah Daily (541)