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4J PBS Mission and Goals

The mission of PBS in 4J is to help schools develop, implement and maintain systems that maximize school safety and a climate conducive to learning.

The PBS Mission Related to Current District Improvement Plan Goals

With a mission of helping schools develop, implement and maintain systems that maximize school safety and a climate conducive to learning, PBS activities directly assist the district in meeting the italicized sections of goals 4 and 5 below.

Goal 4: Expand working relationships with community agencies and partners.

Objectives/Activities Responsibilities
4a. Continue to work jointly with the City of
Eugene to operate the safer school
and school
enrichment programs, develop athletic fields
and youth parks, and to continue the agreements
related to shared use of facilities.
Superintendent’s Office/
Facilities/Financial Services
4c. Develop stronger working partnerships with
the Bethel and Springfield School Districts.
Superintendent’s Office/
4d. Continue to work collaboratively with the
community’s agencies to help ensure that
students social service receive the services they
need to be socially, emotionally, and physically
Superintendent’s Office/

( PBS is working closely with the City of Eugene, the Bethel and Sprinfield School Districts as well as Lane ESD.  Currently we are working with the after-school programs to help them establish a positive approach to maintaining behavioral standards.)

Goal 5: Foster safe school climates by ensuring that staffs, students and their parents feel safe at school.

Objectives/Activities Responsibilities
5a. Work with other local governmental and
social agencies to complement the new
School Safety Grant.
Superintendent’s Office/
5b. Continue the Positive Behavior Support
and Safe and Drug Free Schools initiative to
assist schools with student management.
ESS Ongoing

(4J PBS is taking a leadership role in coordinating available prevention and intervention resources in the community in order to ease access to needed support services for students, parents and teachers.)

We believe PBS also helps meet the remaining DIP2000 goals listed below by helpiing creat a positive climate and by collaborating with community service providers.

Goal 1: Provide all students with a positive climate in which to receive an excellent education by recruiting and maintaining a diverse work force, and by ensuring that students and staff value difference and diversity.

Goal 2: Ensure that the quality of education remains high, as demonstrated by improved student performance.

Goal 3: Coordinate a Schools of the Future process to engage the community in planning and implementing school improvement strategies.

(1.Positive climate and honoring of diversity are cornerstones of PBS. 2.We believe orderly, positive schools foster academic achievement.  3.The goals of Schools of the Future align with the goals of PBS.)