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PBIS Coordination and Partnerships

PBIS District Level Coordination:

A 1.0 FTE PBIS Coordinator provides leadership and support for PBIS schools, meets regularly with district administrators to define policy and procedures, works with the district’s Equity Coordinator to help schools prevent and deal with harassment, bullying and discrimination, represents the district on the Oregon Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports Leadership Council, represents Lane County schools on the Domestic Violence Council and trains staff in the entry and use of discipline data.

The 4J Superintendent and School Board members receive annual reports on the status of PBIS in the district and data showing effectiveness. The PBIS program also maintains this website. Eugene materials and information are regularly requested and disseminated to interested members of the public, e.g. media, other school districts.

PBIS Project Funding:

The Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports project was funded entirely by School District 4J when it began in 1994. Then, from 1998-2002 a federal Safe Schools, Healthy Students grant shared with Bethel and Springfield School Districts took some of the burden off 4J in tough economic times. Currently 4J picks up most of the cost of PBIS with the University of Oregon Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports contributing for our partnership in several research projects conducted in 4J.

PBIS school teams participate in the budget process by planning a budget for the year using an amount assigned to their building for the purpose of supporting their PBIS action plan. Each team is also asked to keep a balanced budget sheet, which we provide. For accountability, they turn in a completed budget sheet at the end of the school year outlining all of their expenses and how they helped with their efforts in behavior support.

PBIS Project Partners

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