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PBIS Classroom Systems

Half-Day Classroom Systems Training – links to resources

Self Evaluation (30 min.)

The Purpose of Addressing Classroom Systems

Choices (1-2 hours)


Social Skills

Classroom Routines

Matrix – a grid with the school rules in the leftmost column and classroom routines (getting attention, entereing the classroom, pencil sharpening, etc.) in top row. Put examples of expected behaviors for each rule and routine in the intersections. Much like the school-wide matrix but narrowed to the classroom. Use the matrix as a basis for teaching the routines to students.

Harry Wong Video – The Effective Teacher, part 4



Organization and Management

Getting Attention

Delivery of Instructions


ENVoY Techniques

Consistent Consequences


On-site managed vs. classroom managed vs. office managed misbehaviors

Defusing anger and aggression (Geoff Colvin video)

How to get staff involved – strategies and action plan (1 hour)

  • Staff meeting?
  • Inservice day?
  • Preservice day?