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Standard School Schedules

Eugene School District 4J is moving to a consistent calendar and standard schedules for all schools in 2018–19 to provide enough, fair and equal instruction time for students, consistent schedules for families, and coordinated collaboration time for staff.

Currently each 4J school has a different calendar and schedule, which is inconsistent for families and leads to significant differences in the amount of learning time for each student and active teaching time for each teacher.

The change to standard calendars and schedules will:

  • ensure schools provide enough instruction time for students and meet state standards
  • provide fair and equal learning time and increase learning time for most students
  • provide consistent, predictable schedules for families, and
  • enable coordinated time for staff collaboration and professional development.

The specific school schedules will be decided and communicated to families before the end of the school year in June 2018. Aligning schedules across the district will require every school to have some changes from its current schedule.

Calendar = Year, Schedule = Day & Week

Annual calendars: Starting in fall 2018, all schools at each level will have the same calendar, without extra no-school days and half-days at individual schools.

Calendars also will be more similar between elementary, middle and high schools, with nearly the same school days, no-school days and half-days at all school levels.

2018–19 Annual School Calendars

Daily schedules: Daily and weekly school schedules also will be aligned across the district.

Currently, schools have different starting and ending times, different school day lengths, and different early-release, late-start and no-school days.

Starting in fall 2018, schools will have consistent start and end times, coordinated to provide equitable learning time and allow for efficient student transportation. All schools will have the same early-release days for staff planning, collaboration and professional development.

Why This Matters

Standard calendars and schedules will benefit students, families, staff and community:

Students: Enough and equal learning time, no matter which school they attend

Families: Predictable, consistent, coordinated, clearly communicated school calendars

Staff: Equitable teaching and prep time for teachers at each school level; coordinated opportunities for collaboration and professional development

Community: Childcare, events, enrichment programs and other opportunities can be aligned to district-wide no-school and early release days

Efficiency: Systems streamlined for school supports, such as coordinated transportation routes (previously schools had 12 different start times and 13 different end times for regular school days, as well as 243 special one-day bus schedules last year)


Eugene School District 4J has been discussing changing to a consistent calendar and schedule for more than a year.

The school district and our teachers’ union reached an agreement in fall 2017 to enable standard calendars and schedules for all schools to provide enough, equal and fair teaching and learning time for students and teachers and consistent schedules for families.

To develop the standard school schedules, a first draft schedule was published in March for staff, parent, student and community input. The district considered the input received from staff and families in developing the second draft schedule, which was published in April for further stakeholder review and input. The final proposed schedule includes adjustments responsive to the input received from more than 2,500 parents, students, staff and community members.

Next steps: School board approval of schedule parameters such as instruction time is pending and will be discussed at the board meeting on Wednesday, May 16.

School-Based Decisions 

The change to consistent calendars and standard schedules is about the time and amount of instruction, not about how instruction is provided during the school day.

Decisions about many aspects of teaching and learning schedules within the school day and week are site-based and include teachers’ and parents’ input.

Schools will continue to decide how to schedule recess, lunch, and breaks within the school day, now with parameters for the amount of non-instructional time to ensure students get enough classroom learning time.

Current draft schedules provide for all elementary schools to have 60 minutes of recess and lunch time within the regular school day (a moderate increase for most schools and grades), and a similar amount of time for lunch, breaks and passing periods at middle and high schools.

Public Input

Questions or comments? Whether you are a student, parent, staff member or other community member, your input about school schedules and other important issues is welcome.

community input form was available online April 24–May 9 for community members to share their thoughts on school schedules.

community forum was held on Wednesday, April 18, 5:30–6:30 p.m., at the 4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St., for community members to talk with school board members, learn more about the draft schedules under discussion, and provide feedback. A second community forum was held on May 9, after the second draft schedule had been published. Spanish interpretation was provided.

Public comment also is invited at every regular school board meeting (see schedule at tinyurl.com/4Jboardbook) and the school board and superintendent receive emails sent to board@4j.lane.edu

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