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Instruction Department Staff List

If you see an error in a listing below or see that someone is missing, please contact Katie McRae.

Last Name First Name E-mail Address Phone Title
Ahearn Maddy ahearn_m@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7558 Math Administrator
Ashley Diana ashley@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7581 Counselor on Special Assignment
Blake BJ blake@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Director of Secondary Education
Bokn Kelly bokn_k@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5100 Activities/Athletics Coordinator
Brainard Brenda brainard@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5900 Natives Program Director
Dailey Deborah dailey@4j.lane.edu 541-790-4932 McKinney-Vento Coordinator
Fadely Shira fadeley_s@4j.lane.edu 541-790-3417  Music TOSA
Farkas Rachel farkas@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7584 District Elem Physical Ed
Gaston Erin gaston_e@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Staff Development Specialist/Technology
Gold Lily gold_l@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7145 ELL Program Coordinator
Grape Linda grape_l@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7563 Admin Assistant
Hampson Penny hampson@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7556 Department Secretary
Imran Mary imran_m@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Regional Essential Skills Coordinator
Janisse Julie janisse@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7566 Department Secretary
Johnson Jeff johnson_je@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7559 Federal & Instructional Programs Administrator
Lajoie Molly lajoie_mo@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7572 BEST Coordinator
Larsen Becca larsen_b@4j.lane.edu 541-790-4932 McKinney-Vento Support Staff
Litten Marlee litten@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7586 Staff Development Specialist
Loureiro Oscar loureiro_o@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7554 Director of Research & Planning
Mabie Chelsea mabie_c@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Staff Development Specialist
MacCionnaith Eric maccionnaith_e@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7560 Research & Assessment SST
Mann Ruth mann@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7776 Programmer Analyst II
McAtee Jody mcatee@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7555 Department Assistant
McGaughy Charis mcgaughy_c@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
McKim Debbie mckim_d@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7564 Executive Assistant to Elementary & Secondary Directors
McRae Bee mcrae_b@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7578 Federal Program & Operations Coord
McRae Katie mcrae_k@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7737 Management Assistant
Myers Matt myers_m@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Regional Essential Skills Coordinator
Myers Teresa myers_t@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Regional Essential Skills Coordinator
Pierpoint David pierpoint_d@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7619 Financial Management Analyst
Penrod Susan penrod_s@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Language Arts Administrator
Ruzicka Angie ruzicka@4j.lane.edu 541-790-6452 District Science TOSA @ Cal Young
Sage Kerri sage@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7574 TAG Coordinator
Sagolla Gretta sagolla_gr@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Staff Development Specialist
Shepard Reid shepard_r@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5100 Staff Development Specialist
Starr Debi starr@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7145 ELL Program Asst @ Buena Vista
Syfert Dorothy syfert@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Regional Essential Skills Coordinator
Thompson Monica thompson_mo@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7583 Technology Support Spec III
Walkup Tami walkup@4j.lane.edu 541-790-2437 (M)
541-790-3494 (Tu-F)
Parent Involvement Coordinator
Wagner Brooke wagner_b@4j.lane.edu 541-790-7550 Director of Elementary Education
Whitley Tim whitley@4j.lane.edu 541-790-5920 EWEB Grant Coordinator