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High School Common Schedule

All 4J high schools to have common schedule by 2013–14

To support student learning in our high schools and increase operational efficiency, 4J is moving to a consistent schedule at all high schools. All 4J high schools will have the new 3×5 trimester schedule in 2013–14.

Aligning schedules will be:

  • More fair. Students’ learning opportunities and time expectations for teachers will be more equitable.
  • More efficient. Having different schedules in each high school creates operational inefficiencies, increases costs, and makes it difficult to share staff between schools.
  • Better for students. Changing schools will be much easier for students who move, especially when the transition is mid-year. Students will be better able to access courses at other high school campuses, Lane Community College and the University of Oregon, as well as virtual classes offered at a set time.