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Kindergarten Unit 7 – Data

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work carrying out a data investigation, sorting and classifying the data, and representing it.  Additionally, an emphasis is placed on students working to develop and refine counting and calculation strategies.

Looking Back…

This unit builds on the work that students have done throughout Kindergarten.  Students refine and expand their strategies for counting, sorting and classifying information.

Looking Forward…

Students will expand their understanding of counting and quantity, the composition of numbers, and the operations of addition and subtraction.  Additionally, students will continue to develop an understanding of how to gather, sort, classify and represent various data sets.




computer pic 2

5 Frame Concentration

Fill the Frames 1-20

Count on 2 More

Domino Addition

Ten Frame

Roll and Cover 1-20

Missing Number Game

My Ten Frame Riddle

Sums of Five

Sorting Attribute Blocks

Professional Resources

dice pic

Counting Objects and Ordering Numbers (video)

Mingle and Count – Developing Number Sense (video)

Beyond Fingers – Place Value in the Teens (Video)