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Kindergarten Unit 6 – Counting, Addition, and Subtraction

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

The mathematical focus is on counting sets of up to 20 objects, decomposing numbers to 10 in a variety of different ways, using numbers and notation where appropriate, and exploring combinations of a number.

Looking Back…

This unit builds on the work done in Counting and Comparing and Measuring and Counting.  Students have worked developing their sense of number and quantity to 10, and counting and comparing amounts to 15.  They have begun making sense of the operations of addition and subtraction by acting out stories and playing games.

Looking Forward…

These units lay the foundation for number work in the 1st grade.  Students will expand their understanding of counting and quantity, the composition of numbers, and the operations of addition and subtraction.




computer pic 2

My Ten Frame Riddle

Addition Plate

Ten Frame

Dot Card Addition

Roll and Cover

Show One Less

5 Little Ducks

My Ten Frame Riddle

Race to Trace 11-22

Missing Numbers 1-20

11-19 Puzzles

My Double 10 Frame Riddle

My Teens On the 10 Frame Book

Professional Resources

dice pic

Making 10 My Way (article)

Math in Everyday Life (Video)