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Kindergarten Unit 4 – Measuring and Counting

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students will work using nonstandard units to measure objects, continue working on accurate counting strategies, and making sense of and developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems with small numbers.

Looking Back…

This unit builds on the work done previously.  Students have had many opportunities to develop their sense of number and quantities as well as counting and measuring objects.

Looking Forward…

Later in the year, students will build on their work by extending their understanding to count, compare and combine using larger quantities and numbers.  They will explore story problems more deeply and work making quantities in different ways.




computer pic 2

Dot Card Addition

Roll and Cover

Race to Trace 2-12

Domino Addition

Ten Frame

Show One Less

Show One More

My Ten Frame Riddle

Sums of Five

Which Is Heavier?

What is Heavy?

What is Light?

Professional Resources

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Visualizing Number Combinations (Video)