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Kindergarten Unit 1 – Math Community

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

There are two main points of emphasis in the initial Investigations units: Exploring the math content and laying the foundation for a productive, engaging math community that is centered around problem solving and discourse.  Students will work to count a collection of objects, sort and classify objects, and communicate strategies for computation.

Looking Back…

This unit is designed to meet the need of a range of learners entering Kindergarten.  Students will have varying levels of understanding around the concepts of quantity, counting, and different strategies for calculation.  Through frequent class discourse, students can share their thinking and develop collective ideas.

Looking Forward…

The classroom routines developed during this unit are revisited in every unit throughout the year.  Students will build on their knowledge, using the tools and manipulatives introduced in Unit 1 to solve problems and model their thinking.  Students work more extensively with attributes in units 5 and 7.




computer pic 2

Number Puzzles 1-10

Counting Rhymes

Race to Trace 1-6

My Counting Book

Ten Frame

Kids Count Games

Hungry Spider


Additional Resources

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