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CPM Algebra 2 – Chapter 6

3-D Graphing and Logarithms

 In this chapter, students are introduced to the three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system and graphing an equation with three variables.  The themes are: 3-d graphing and logarithms.  During this chapter students:

  • Solve and interpret system of equations in three variables.
  • Develop tools they can use when solving application problems involving exponential equations.
  • Investigate the family y = log(ax) and discover the Power Property of Logarithms,  to solve exponential equations by using logs and applying them to contextual problems.

Homework help for this chapter is here

Homework help offers tips, strategies and sometimes solutions for every homework question in this chapter.


  • Parent Guide from CPM for this chapter is here
  • Khan academy videos on logarithms are here