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CPM Algebra 1 – Chapter 3

Simplifying and Solving

In this chapter, students will simplify expressions and solve equations.  During this chapter:

  • Students will simplify exponent expressions building off their introduction to this concept from 8th grade.
  • Students will be introduced to multiplying polynomial expressions using an area model first introduced in 3rd grade and review the distributive property which they used throughout middle school.
  • Students will learn how to solve simple absolute value equations and solve multi-variable equations for one of the variables which is applicable to many real life situations where formulas are applied (medical fields, engineers, car mechanics, etc.).

Homework help for this chapter is here

Homework help offers tips, strategies and sometimes solutions for every homework question in this chapter.


  • Parent Guide from CPM for this chapter is here
  • Khan academy videos on simplifying exponents are here
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