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5th Grade Unit 8 – Data


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work with tables and graphs, and build knowledge of functions and conventions that will support their later work with algebra.

Looking Back…

In 4th grade, students worked with tables and sets of data.  They looked at change over time, and observed if they saw patterns.  they have had experience reading and recording data sets on tables and bar graphs.

Looking Forward…

In later grades, students will work with linear and non-linear relationships.  This work lays the foundation for important work students will do in algebra and beyond.





computer pic 2

Billy Bug

Coordinate Grid Swap

Coordinate Grid Paper

Shapes On the Coordinate Grid

Numerical Expressions Wall Clock


Perimeter on the Coordinate Grid

Multiply and Divide by Powers of 10

Additional Resources

dice pic

Understanding and Plotting Points on a Coordinate Plane (video series)

Use Parentheses, Brackets or Braces in Numerical Expressions (video series)

Write, Interpret, Describe and Reason About Expressions (video series)

Generate and Analyze Patterns and Relationships (video series)