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5th Grade Unit 7 – Multiplication and Division


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

This unit focuses on multiplication and division and continues the development of computational fluency.  The main mathematical focus is becoming fluent with division strategies.

Looking Back…

The work in this unit assumes that students should be carrying out multiplication fluently and efficiently.  They have had opportunities to work with representing and solving problems involving division, but they may still be working toward fluency.

Looking Forward…

This is the final 5th grade unit in the number and operations strand of Investigations.  Students will have more opportunities to refine and practice their multiplication and division strategies during routines and other practice times.





computer pic 2

Break Apart

Math Basketball


Greg Tang Materials

Multiplication Race

Who Has the Largest Quotient?

Write It, Check It, Solve It!

Thinking Blocks

Multiply and Divide by Powers of 10

Additional Resources

dice pic

Find Whole Number Quotients with up to 4-digit dividends and 2-digit divisors (video series)

Use the Standard Algorithm for Multiplication of multidigit numbers (video series)

Solve Multistep Word Problems Using the Four Operations (video series)