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5th Grade Unit 6 – Fractions, Decimals, and Percents


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work to represent the meaning of fractions, decimals, and percents and the relationship among them.  Students will work to understand, represent,  and compare fractions and decimals.  They will work with decimals using all four operations to solve problems.

Looking Back…

Earlier in the year, students worked adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, mixed numbers and whole numbers.  They also worked with percents, comparing them to fractions and representing both.  Students have explored decimal fractions.

Looking Forward…

This is the final unit in the Rational Number strand of Investigations.  Later, students will apply their understanding of fractions, percents, and decimals to develop fluency with computation involving rational numbers.




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Place Value Made Easy

Expanded Notation Using Decimals

Comparing Digits

Scientific Notation

Thinking Blocks

Greg Tang Materials

Decimals on a Number Line

Multiplying a Decimal by Powers of 10

Decimal Matching Game

Place Value Rags to Riches

Fruit Shootout (Comparing Decimals)

Scooter Quest

Decimal Bag – Addition

Decimal Bag – Subtraction

Decimal Subtraction Spin

Decimal Magic Squares

Decimal Cross Number Puzzles

Additional Resources

dice pic

Interpret Fractions as Division (video series)

Recognize the Value of Digits in a Multidigit Number (video series)

Read and Write Decimals to the Thousandths (video series)

Explain and Represent Patterns in Zeros When Multiplying or Dividing by Powers of 10 (video series)

Round Decimals to Any Place Using a Number Line  (video series)

Multiply and Divide Decimals to the Hundredths  (video series)