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5th Grade Unit 1 – Multiplication and Division


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

This unit focuses on multiplication and division and continues the development of computational fluency.  Students work to represent the meaning of multiplication and division, understand the relationship between the two operations and solve multiplication problems with 2 digit numbers.

Looking Back…

In 3rd and 4th grade students learned that multiplication is used to combine equal-sized groups.  They have explored the relationship between multiplication and division and how to relate the two operations to story problem contexts.  They have worked to break numbers apart by 10s and 1s in order to multiply them more easily.  They will continue that work in this unit.

Looking Forward…

Students continue practicing and refining strategies in multiplication and division throughout 5th grade.  Important opportunities and practice are offered throughout lessons, routines, and practice pages.





computer pic 2

Break Apart

Math Basketball


Greg Tang Materials

Multiplication Race

Order of Operations

Array Picture Cards

Thinking Blocks

Multiply and Divide by Powers of 10


Additional Resources

dice pic

Use Parentheses, Brackets and Braces in Numerical Expressions (video series)

Explain the Effect of Multiplication and Division By a Power of 10 on the Number of Zeros (video series)

Solve Multistep Word Problems Using the Four Operations (video series)