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4th Grade Unit 9 – Data

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

This unit develops ideas about collecting, representing, describing, and interpreting data.  Students will design and carry out an investigation and use the data to create and interpret tables.  The emphasis will be on observing and representing a constant rate of change.

Looking Back…

In 3rd Grade, students observed data and noted individual changes (eg- ‘it went up or it went down’).  They compared two pieces of data, and worked with the conventions of line graphs.

Looking Forward…

In grade 5, students continue working with linear functions.  They will observe and record data that doesn’t necessarily have a constant rate of change, but changes in a predictable way.




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Line Plots

Line Plots Practice

Measurement Conversion Problems

Create a Graph

Measurement Concentration

Capacity Creature

Objects in My Desk Line Plot

Division: Partial Quotients

Division: Write it, Solve it, Check it

Additional Resources

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Create Line Plots to Display Data and Use Line Plots to Solve Problems (video series)

Determine the Correct Unit When Measuring (video)