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4th Grade Unit 8 – Multiplication and Division


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

This unit focuses on multiplication and division and continues the development of computational fluency.  Students develop strategies to solve multiplication problems involving 2-digit numbers, and continuing to explore strategies for division problems.

Looking Back…

Earlier in 4th grade, students worked with arrays as a representation of multiplication as well as continuing to explore the meaning and ways of representing division situations.  Students should have fluency with facts up to 10×10, and the ability to represent and solve 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication situations.  Their understanding of division should be closely tied to what they know about multiplication.

Looking Forward…

This is the final number and operations Unit in 4th Grade.  In grade 5, students will continue to refine their multiplication strategies and explore the most common multiplication algorithm as well as developing and refining their division strategies.




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Games With Dominoes

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