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4th Grade Unit 6 – Fractions


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work to understand fractions as equal parts, identify equivalent fractions, and combine fractions with denominators that are the same as well as different.

Looking Back…

Students have been developing an understanding of the meaning of fractions and their relationships.  They worked with fractions a part of a single object, and may have explored them as a part of a set (eg- find 1/3 of the class).  They have gained an understanding of equivalence of some fractions, and developed a visual understanding of what fractions represent.

Looking Forward…

Students will continue to work on fractions in 5th grade as they use equivalencies among percents, fractions and decimals.  Students learn about composing and decomposing fractions in ways that help them develop addition and subtraction strategies.





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Fraction Wall Game

Fractions on a Number Line

More Fractions on a Number Line

Who Ate More?

Snack Time

Sense or Nonsense?

Decomposing Fractions

Fraction Word Problems (Like Denominator)

Equivalent Fractions Triplets

Greg Tang Materials

Fraction Fling

Equivalent Fractions (Illuminations)

Mathman Fractions Game

Additional Resources

dice pic

Understand and Explain Equivalent Fractions Using Visual Models (video series)

Compare Fractions Using a Benchmark Fraction (video series)

Compare fractions by creating common denominators or numerators(1) (video series)

Compare fractions by creating common denominators or numerators(2) (video series)

 Add, Subtract and Compare Fractions  (video series)