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4th Grade Unit 5 – Addition and Subtraction


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

This unit focuses on addition and subtraction and continues the development of computational fluency.  Students build on what they’ve learned about the base-ten system, and work with the standard algorithm for addition.  They continue to explore various strategies for addition and subtraction and work with larger numbers.

Looking Back…

Students bring with them the ability to solve 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction problems.  It is expected that all student know the single digit addition combinations and the related subtraction facts fluently.  Students should have a good understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Looking Forward…

In 5th grade students will have one more unit on addition and subtraction where they will apply their understanding to work on problems with up to 6 digit numbers.  They will formalize their understanding by using the standard algorithm for subtraction.





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Math Limbo

Break Apart

Base 10 Blocks Addition

Base 10 Blocks Subtraction


Sum Cloud

Greg Tang Materials

Round to the Nearest 10

Round to the Nearest 100

Place Value Number Line

Place Value Cups

Place Value Triangle

Additional Resources

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