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4th Grade Unit 4 – Geometry


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work measuring using standard linear units, describing 2-dimensional figures, and measuring angles.

Looking Back…

Students have had experience with perimeter, angles and area in 3rd grade.  They should have familiarity with a range of 2-D shapes including attributes of triangles and quadrilaterals and identifying right angles.

Looking Forward…

Students will build on this work later by applying their understanding of area to more complex polygons.  Students will be tasked with measuring angles in the future.





computer pic 2

Twelve at a Time

Angle Barrier Game

Area Explorer

Geoboard Area

Shape Explorer

Grid Paper

Classifying Triangles

How Many Degrees?

Additive Angles

Area Estimation

Quadrilateral Quest

Shape Classification Game

Additional Resources

dice pic

Determine the Correct Unit When Measuring (video)

Know relative Sizes of Measurement Units (video series)

Apply Formulas for Area and Perimeter (video series)