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4th Grade Unit 1 – Multiplication and Division


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

This unit focuses on multiplication and continues the development of computational fluency.  Students will continue to explore the relationship between multiplication and division.

Looking Back…

Students have been developing ideas about multiplication since the early grades.  They began by counting by numbers other than 1 and creating equal groups.  In 3rd grade they worked to understand that multiplication is used to combine a number of equal sized groups.

Looking Forward…

Students will continue to work on multiplication and division in unit 3 and unit 8.  They will work solving multiplication problems with larger numbers while making connections and extending their understanding of division.





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Break Apart

Math Basketball


Greg Tang Materials

Decompose a Factor

Split a Factor

Array Picture Cards

Common Multiples

Multistep Word Problems

Interpret the Remainder of Word Problems

Common Multiples

Additional Resources

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Apply Properties of Operations to Multiply and Divide (video series)

Solve Multiplication and Division Word Problems (video series)

Reasoning About Multiplication (video)