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3rd Grade Unit 5 – Multiplication and Division


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students investigate the properties of multiplication and examine the inverse relationship between the two operations of multiplication and division.  They begin to develop strategies for solving multiplication and division problems.

Looking Back…

In 2nd grade, students moved from just counting by ones to sometimes counting by groups of 2, 5 or 10.  Foundational work in multiplication took place when students worked with tally marks, coins, and other groupings of items.  Similarly, students worked with division situations solving problems about sharing objects equally.

Looking Forward…

Students will continue their work on multiplication and division in Unit 8, How Many Hundreds? How Many Miles?  In grade 4, students apply their understanding of the distributive property of multiplication to solve problems involving 2-digit numbers and continue to consolidate their strategies for multiplication and division.





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Break Apart

Math Basketball


Greg Tang Materials

Decompose a Factor

Split a Factor

Array Picture Cards

Number Story Array Cards

Multiplication Word Problems

Missing Numbers: Multiplication

Missing Numbers: Division

Decompose a Factor

Division as an Unknown Factor

Multiplication 4 in a Row

Multiples Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Additional Resources

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Apply Properties of Operations to Multiply and Divide (video series)

Solve Multiplication and Division Word Problems (video series)

Reasoning About Multiplication (video)