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3rd Grade Unit 3 – Addition and Subtraction


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work on reading, writing and sequencing numbers to 1,000.  They continue to explore the different groups that make up our base-ten system, apply that knowledge to accurately and efficiently add and subtract, and understand different types of subtraction problems.

Looking Back…

In prior grades, students examined the structure of 100 working with one and two-digit numbers exploring how to add and subtract them.  Earlier in 3rd grade, students extended their understanding of the base-10 number system to 3-digit numbers.  They worked on addition strategies for 2-digit numbers and finding differences  between 2 and 3-digit numbers under 200.

Looking Forward…

Later in the year, students will work to refine their addition and subtraction strategies for multi-digit numbers.  In 4th grade, students will consolidate their addition strategies and continue refining subtraction strategies.




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Math Limbo

Break Apart

Base 10 Blocks Addition

Base 10 Blocks Subtraction


Sum Cloud

Greg Tang Materials

Difference Add

Doubling to 1000

Thinking Blocks

Elapsed Time

Additional Resources

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Solving Two-Step Word Problems (video series)

Adding and Subtracting Within 1000 (video series)