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2nd Grade Unit 9 – Measurement


Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work to understand linear measurement and compare different measurements.  They define and use linear units, and work with standards units.

Looking Back…

In 1st grade, students had many opportunities to measure length using non-standard units such as paper clips and craft sticks.  They worked to develop reliable strategies for measuring, and to see that if two people measured the same thing using different units they would not get the same result.

Looking Forward…

In Grades 3 through 5 students will work measuring things in a variety of contexts such as measuring heights, perimeters and angles.  Strategies for measuring length will be translated into measuring area and volume.




computer pic 2

Measuring in Inches

Time to Move

Inchy Picnic

Slide It

Stop the Clock

Hickory Dickory Dock

Let’s Graph

Collecting Data and Making Graphs

Additional Resources

dice pic

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