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2nd Grade Unit 6 – Addition and Subtraction

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students develop strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems with totals up to 100.  They work extensively with the 100 chart to understand the magnitude and sequence of numbers up to 100, and count by equal groups.  Students focus on the base-ten number system, using models to represent 10s and 1s and working with the relationship between 1, 10 and 100.

Looking Back…

This unit builds on the work students have done in units 1 and 3 earlier in the year.  They began to work more intentionally with understanding the structure of the base-ten place value system and how to model it.  Students worked adding equal groups and identifying the number patterns.

Looking Forward…

Later in 2nd grade, students will refine their strategies for solving 2-digit addition and subtraction problems.  Moving forward, students will work to generalize their strategies to work with larger numbers and understand how they can be applied in multiple contexts.



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Relating Addition and Subtraction

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Base 10 Blocks Game


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