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2nd Grade Unit 1- Addition and Subtraction

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work to develop efficient strategies for counting sets of objects by ones and groups, explore strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems within 50, and work towards fluency with addition combinations up to 10+10.

Looking Back…

In 1st grade, students explored the properties of addition and subtraction, and the relationship between the two operations.  Students should have knowledge of addition and subtraction combinations within 20.  Students will have a variety of strategies for addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers, but many will still be developing fluency.

Looking Forward…

Students will continue to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction and refine strategies to solve problems involving those operations.  In unit 3, they will work with story problems that involve unknown change (eg.- 8 + _ = 15).  Their work with counting shifts from counting by ones to counting groups.




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