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1st Grade Unit 7 – Addition, Subtraction, and Number Patterns

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work to develop ideas about patterns, sequences and functions.  They will build on this understanding throughout elementary school as part of their early algebra foundation.

Looking Back…

In Kindergarten, students worked with repeating patterns using color and/or shapes and described ‘what comes next’ in these shapes.  Students have encountered count by 2s and will use that knowledge in this unit.

Looking Forward…

In 2nd grade and beyond, students will expand on their knowledge of pattern and function in many ways.  They will apply their understanding as they explore other count-bys, and ultimately move into multiplication.  Most importantly, they continue to explore the idea of how to develop a rule to explain how one quantity changes in relation to another.  Students will use various tools (tables, graphs, charts) to represent these relationships.




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