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1st Grade Unit 6 – Addition and Subtraction

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work adding numbers within 20, and use their growing understanding of these combinations to refine strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.  They will use a variety of manipulatives, models, and tools to show their strategies and solutions.

Looking Back…

The previous two number units focused on counting, composing and decomposing numbers, and adding and subtracting small amounts.

Looking Forward…

It is important that students work to develop fluency to combinations that make 10.  Later in 1st grade, they will apply that understanding to work with larger number combinations.  This is a crucial developmental stage in their understanding of the structure of the base-10 number system which they will use for years to come.




computer pic 2

Break Apart


Greg Tang Materials

Counting Activities

Ten Frame

Give the Dog a Bone

Missing Numbers Grids

Interactive 100s Chart

I Have, Who Has? (Easy)

Doubles Towers

Make 10 Game

Turn Around Trains

Doubles Path

Subtraction Games

5 Frame Activity

Something’s Missing

Additional Resources

dice pic

Working Toward Fluency with Basic Addition (article)

Counting Collections to 100 (Video)