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1st Grade Unit 3 – Addition and Subtraction

Unit Overview

Content Focus –

Students work developing strategies to count quantities by 1s, adding 2 numbers that make combinations up to 15, and making sense of and modeling addition and subtraction problems with small numbers.

Looking Back…

In unit 1, students worked counting and comparing quantities and composing and decomposing numbers.  They have worked with the operation of addition, and will be able to make connections as they explore subtraction.

Looking Forward…

In unit 6 students continue to develop strategies for addition and subtraction.  A major point of emphasis is firming up combinations that total 10.




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Break Apart


Greg Tang Materials

Counting Activities

Ten Frame

Give the Dog a Bone

Missing Numbers Grids

Interactive 100s Chart

I Have, Who Has? (Easy)

Plus One Game

Clever Counting

Sums of 10 Game

Turn Around Trains

Turn Around Dominoes

Subtraction Games

5 Frame Activity

Something’s Missing

Professional Resources

dice pic

Visualizing Number Combinations (Video)

Counting Collections to 100 (Video)