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School Choice and Transfer Information

2020–21 Online Application: 4jschoolchoice.com

In Eugene School District 4J, families may choose their school, provided space is available. Students may enroll in their neighborhood school or request a different school. Options include alternative, language immersion and non-neighborhood schools.

Please visit 4J Schools for information on specific programs and schools.

See below for information about: Latest School Choice Updates  School Choice Transfers  School Choice Enrollment Priorities Grade 12 Transfer  Mid Year Temporary Transfer Other 4J School Options

Latest School Choice Updates

Current & Upcoming Application Dates:

  • OPEN: Post-lottery transfer requests for 2020–21 — May 6–Dec. 17, 2020        4J residents and non-residents may submit applications online starting May 6, 2020 through December 17, 2020. (After December 17, contact the school choice office.)  Students will be offered seats or placed on waiting lists by priority and in order of application. Apply Online
  • Return to Learning — 2020-2021 How to Enroll | News | Stay Connected
    The district has made resources available related to Return to Learning option, including the Return to Learning FAQ

Recent & Upcoming Notification Dates: 

  • Post-lottery placements — Post-lottery placements completed. Pending transfer requests have been placed on waiting lists and account dashboards updated. Seat offers will be made as available. Contact schoolchoice@4j.lane.edu for information.

School Choice Transfer

We welcome your child and your family to Eugene School District 4J!

If you live in the district, you may enroll your student in your neighborhood school at any time. You can find your neighborhood school online. You also may request to have your child attend a different 4J school through the district’s school choice transfer process. The annual school choice transfer application period for 4J resident families is January 1–31 prior to fall enrollment.

Eugene School District 4J also welcomes families who live outside of the district to request a transfer to 4J schools. For more information and a list of 4J schools open to non-residents, please see the Out of District (Non-Resident) Transfer Information page. The annual interdistrict transfer application period for non-resident families is March 1–31 prior to fall enrollment.

Lotteries are held after each application period to determine the order in which transfer offers will be granted.

Post-lottery transfer requests from 4J resident and non-resident families are accepted beginning May 1 prior to fall enrollment and through mid-December. Post-lottery transfer requests will be offered available seats or placed on school waiting lists by priority and in the order they are received.

Who can apply for school choice

4J resident: To apply for a school choice transfer as a 4J resident, your student must be a 4J resident as of the date of the application and entering a grade K–11 in the fall.

Non-resident: To apply for an interdistrict transfer as a non-resident, your student must be a current Oregon resident entering a grade K–11 in the fall.

There are no early waiting lists for 4J schools, and the district enrolls students at age-appropriate grade levels.

Are you a 4J resident?

School choice transfer lottery application periods

For fall enrollment, applications will be accepted (subject to change):

  • 4J resident school choice transfer lottery: January 1–January 31 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Non-resident interdistrict transfer lottery: March 1–March 31 at 11:59 p.m.

For fall enrollment, lottery results will be emailed to parents:

  • 4J resident school choice transfer lottery: by February 15
  • Non-resident interdistrict transfer lottery: by March 15.

Post-lottery placement requests

After the 4J and non-resident school choice transfer lotteries, applications may be submitted beginning May 1–mid-December. Post-lottery school choice transfer applications are placed in the order received, not by lottery. If the requested school is currently full, students will be placed on the waiting list based on date of application and certain priorities. For example, if the requesting student is a returning student or sibling of a current student, they will be placed on the wait list behind other students with the same priority who applied before them, and ahead of other students who do not have that priority.

Deadline to respond to school placement offers

Offered seats must be accepted within 5 days. When a seat is available for a student, it appears in the account dashboard and a notification email is sent. The parent/guardian must log in to their school choice account and click Accept or Decline. If no action is taken by the parent/guardian by the 5th business day, the system will auto-decline the seat offer and offer the seat to the next student on the waiting list.

Grade 12 Transfer

Complete the Grade 12 Transfer Request Form if your student meets all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in a 4J high school and moved residence outside of the neighborhood of the high school or the 4J enrollment boundary
  • Requesting to remain in their current high school; Completed grade 11 at the 4J high school in good standing
  • Is on track to graduate on time If you student does not meet the above criteria, please contact schoolchoice@4J.lane.edu

If you student does not meet the above criteria, please contact schoolchoice@4J.lane.edu

Mid Year Temporary Transfer

The parent/guardian of a student who moves residence (changes address) during the school year may request a temporary transfer by completing the Mid Year Temporary Transfer Request form. A mid year transfer is a temporary transfer to allow a student to complete the current school year at their attending school. Complete the Mid Year Transfer Request Form if your student meets the following eligibility criteria apply:

  • The student has completed the previous school year and/or begun the current school year at the attending school.
  • The move applies to a student’s primary residence, i.e. the address at which a student lives with the enrolling parent more than 50% of the time.
  • The move occurred after the last day of school for the previous school year as noted on the 4J School Calendar.
  • The parent/guardian has notified the attending school of the student’s change of address.

A print version is available for download and must be filed at the 4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe, Eugene OR 97402. For the student to continue at their attending school beyond the current school year, they must receive a school choice transfer. For more information, see Who Can Apply for a School Choice. If you student does not meet the above criteria, please contact schoolchoice@4J.lane.edu

School Choice Enrollment Priorities

  • 4J residents before non-residents
  • Returning students
  • Siblings who will be co-enrolled (enrolled in the same school)
  • Free and reduced-meal qualification (in-district lottery only; selected schools)
  • Heritage language speakers (language immersion schools only)
  • High school residence area (Eugene International High School programs only)

Residence: Eugene School District 4J residents have priority for any opening in a 4J school. Non-resident applicants, including siblings and returning students, will be offered seats after 4J residents are accommodated.

Returning student: To qualify for a returning student priority, the student must be attending the school for the current school year and requesting to continue enrollment in the school or district next school year.

Sibling: To qualify for a sibling priority, the students must reside in the same household, and the applicant’s sibling must be attending the school for the current school year and be eligible to be co-enrolled at the school with the applicant in the next school year.

Free and reduced-meal qualification (in-district lottery only; selected schools): To qualify for a free and reduced-meal qualification priority, the student’s family household income must be at or below the federal guidelines for the school year in which the application is submitted. If the student is attending a 4J school for the current school year, they must have submitted an application and received eligibility approval for the current school year. Families applying for kindergarten must submit an application and receive eligibility approval prior to enrollment.

Heritage language speaker (language immersion schools only): To qualify for a heritage language speaker priority, the language must be the student’s first language or the parent’s first language and the dominant language spoken at home. Language priority also may be granted to students entering second grade or higher from an immersion program in another district.

High school residence area (Eugene International High School only): To qualify for a high school residence priority for Eugene International High School, the student must reside in the host high school neighborhood. For example, to qualify for a high school residence area priority to the International High School at Churchill, the student’s neighborhood school must be Churchill High School.

Other 4J School Options

Students and their families who are interested in pursuing an online education are encouraged to read about 4J’s Eugene Online Academy.

There are five charter schools in the Eugene School District. For more information visit 4J’s Charter Schools website.

Virtual public charter schools are another available option. The Eugene School District 4J allows no more than three percent of the students who reside in the school district to enroll in virtual public charter schools not sponsored by the district. For information on virtual public charter schools, visit the State of Oregon Department of Education website or 4J’s Charter Schools website.


Please see Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not addressed, please email schoolchoice@4j.lane.edu.