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School Choice Information

The district’s school choice policy means that any student in the district may request to attend any 4J school. Families who live outside of the district may request a transfer to 4J. A lottery is held each spring to determine the order in which requests are granted for available openings.


Elementary School Showcase:


School Visitation Weeks:


School Choice Information Meetings:


4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St., Eugene

2017–18 In-District School Choice

The application period for the 2017–18 In-district lottery is closed. Post-lottery, in-district transfers will be accepted beginning at 8 a.m., on Monday, May 1, 2017, at http://4jschoolchoice.com. Post-lottery, in-district transfer requests are placed first-come, first-served.

School choice online application available: 8 a.m., Monday, May 1, 2017 – http://4jschoolchoice.com

Deadline to submit application (no exceptions): 5 p.m., Friday, December 30, 2017.

In-district lottery conducted:

Lottery results emailed to parents:

Deadline to accept placement: 5 business days from email notification

2017–18 Out-of-District Open Enrollment

The application period for 2017-18 Open Enrollment lottery is closed. 2017–18 Inter-district transfer requests will be accepted beginning at 8 a.m., Monday, July 3, 2017 at http://4jschoolchoice.com

For a list of schools available for out-of-district transfer requests, please visit this page in June 2017

Open enrollment online application available:

Deadline to submit application (no exceptions): 5 p.m, Friday, July 31, 2017

2016–17 In-District School Choice (current year)

The application period for in-district lottery requests is closed.

The deadline to apply for an in-district transfer was 5 p.m., Monday, February 29, 2016.

Post-lottery, 2016-17 in-district applications must be submitted via a hard-copy form In-district transfer form 2016-17

2016–17 Open Enrollment and Inter-district Transfers (current year)

The application period for 2016-17 Open Enrollment lottery requests is closed.


Application process for out-of-district residents to transfer to 4J schools 

The application period for students living outside of the 4J district boundary (out-of-district transfers) is closed.

4J residents who want to transfer to another school district must apply to the district they wish to transfer to.

School Choice Application Process

You may enroll your student in your neighborhood school at any time. You also may request to have your child attend another 4J school. If you live outside of Eugene School District 4J, you may request to transfer your child to 4J.

Requests are granted in an order determined by the lottery held each spring for the following school year. All school choice and open enrollment requests received by the deadline will be included in the lottery.

To apply for in-district school choice, your student must be a 4J resident entering kindergarten through twelfth grade in the fall. There is no early waiting list for any 4J school.

To request enrollment in a 4J school other than your neighborhood school:

  • Explore the options. Schools hold open houses, information nights and other events during two school visitation weeks in January and February. 4J elementary school principals and other school representatives are available to talk with parents about their schools at the Elementary School Showcase in January. We recommend researching or visiting school programs, but parents do not need to visit a school for their child to be accepted at that school.
  • Decide on up to three schools to request. Do not include your neighborhood school or private or charter schools, which have their own application forms and deadlines.
  • Apply online. The request form for in-district school choice for the following year is available online each January and February; the deadline is 5 p.m. on the last working day in February. The request form for out-of-district open enrollment is available online in March; the deadline is April 1 at 5 p.m.
  • Rank your schools. You must rank your choices (1,2,3).
  • Requests are granted in an order determined by lottery. The school choice lottery for district residents is in March and the open enrollment lottery for non-residents is in April each year.
  • Get your lottery results in the week following the lottery. Notifications are sent via email and are also available by logging into your dashboard at 4Jschoolchoice.com. 
  • Accept or decline any school placement offer within 5 days. If offered a space, either immediately after the lottery or when a space becomes available later, parents must decide whether to accept or decline the space and notify the school by the specified date. If you decline a space or do not respond within 5 days, the space will be offered to the next child on the waiting list. Once you’ve accepted a school, your student’s name will be withdrawn from your lower-ranked schools’ wait lists but will remain on the wait list for higher-ranked schools.
    IMPORTANT: Please regularly check your dashboard and your email’s spam or junk filter. Parents are solely responsible for accepting offers within the 5-day period. The district is not responsible for notification emails that are not opened or not read. 
  • After the lottery application deadline, in-district school choice requests may be accommodated if there is space available or the student will be placed at the end of the school’s waiting list. Out-of-district transfer requests may be accepted at certain grades and schools; see Out-of-District Transfers.

Lottery Priorities

Available spaces are offered first to 4J residents. The lottery for district residents is conducted and spaces are offered before the lottery for non-residents is conducted. Within the lotteries, the following priorities apply:

  1. Returning students. For school choice, this means a student enrolled in a neighborhood school who has moved to another 4J school attendance area and wishes to remain enrolled at the same school. For open enrollment, this means a student who was a 4J resident enrolled in a 4J school who has moved to another school district and wishes to remain enrolled in 4J.
  2. Co-enrolled siblings. This priority applies for a student whose sibling is already enrolled in a school and will remain enrolled there during the coming school year.
  3. Neighborhood attendance areas. This priority applies only for a few schools: Students who reside in the Churchill, Sheldon, and South Eugene regions have priority to enroll in the Eugene IHS program at their neighborhood high school. Students who live in the River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School and Howard Elementary School neighborhood superboundary have priority to enroll in the other school.
  4. Free and reduced-price school meals. At elementary schools that have fewer students than the district average qualifying for free or reduced-price meals, students who qualify have a priority on an alternating basis. This means spaces are offered in alternating selections between the two separate lists of qualified students and all students.
  5. All other students.

The district’s two Spanish immersion elementary schools, Buena Vista and River Road/El Camino del Río, also have a language priority.


Choosing a School

4J schools strive to maintain an innovative, high-quality educational environment. The state and the district have established educational objectives for students that every school must address. However, schools may differ in philosophy and how they meet their objectives. Every district school has been encouraged to build upon its unique strengths and to develop innovative programs to meet student needs. No matter which school you choose, your child will receive an excellent education.

When choosing a school, parents should consider several things:

  • Transportation — School bus service is provided only for neighborhood schools, and bus routes travel only within a school’s attendance boundary. School choice and transfer students may use existing bus services if space is available; otherwise families must provide their own transportation.
  • Time — What parental commitments are required? All schools encourage active parent involvement. Some programs may require heavy participation.
  • Style — How does the school operate? What are the educational and social philosophies of the principal and teachers? How does the school feel? How does the educational approach of the school match your child’s needs?

Finally, investigate—take advantage of the Elementary School Showcase in January and the district-wide school visit weeks in January and February to check out your neighborhood school and any other school you are interested in. Find out what programs it has, and talk to the teachers and the principal. Ask yourself what you really want for your child. Make sure you understand the program. All neighborhood schools have progressive programs that allow children to go well beyond the basics. One of these may be just what you’re looking for.

About 4J Schools

About 16,000 students attend school at Eugene School District 4J’s 18 elementary school programs, eight middle schools, four comprehensive high schools, and alternative high school programs.

School Information — An overview of every 4J school

Find My School — Look up your address to find your neighborhood schools 

Neighborhood Schools

The starting point. There are many advantages to enrolling your child in your neighborhood school. Each neighborhood school is unique, but all emphasize developing strong educational programs that reflect the needs and interests of children and families in their area. All neighborhood schools strive to constantly improve the overall educational experience, including student performance on state tests, exposure to specialist teachers, extracurricular activities, and parent and community involvement.

The principal at your neighborhood school can share the school’s improvement goals for the year and tell you more about each program’s strengths. We suggest you start by getting to know your neighborhood school by calling to schedule a visit or attending an open house during the school visit weeks in January and February.

You may also transfer to a different neighborhood school if there is space available and you can arrange transportation for your child.

Alternative Schools

4J’s alternative schools have programs built on a particular theme or approach to education. Alternative schools in the district include language immersion programs in French, Spanish and Japanese, and other approaches to K–12 education.

Alternative schools have no attendance boundaries — families from all neighborhoods may request to have their child attend the school, and openings are filled in the order determined by the school choice lottery. Families must provide their own transportation.

Residency Requirements

To be considered a resident of Eugene School District 4J, your student must reside with you inside the district boundaries more than 50% of the time. If you are registering your child with us for the first time, or have changed your residence since registering, you will need to verify that your child still resides within the 4J boundaries. Proof of residence is required. A student and parent or guardian must reside within the Eugene School District boundaries before enrolling a student or submitting a school choice application as a resident.

For boundary information, look up your address online or email hollingsworth_l@4j.lane.edu.

If you live outside the district, you can apply to enroll in 4J as an out-of-district student.

Students With Disabilities (Special Education/Section 504)

Parents of special education students and Section 504 students may apply to transfer their student to a school other than their neighborhood school or the school listed on the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan, as allowed by the district’s school choice policy.

If a student with a disability is accepted through school choice, his or her position on the list will be held at the choice school until the district has objectively determined whether the choice school can provide appropriate special education and related aids and services for the student, and there is space in the program. If the Special Education program does not have space or the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan cannot be implemented at the choice school, the student will be denied transfer into that choice school.

If necessary, an IEP or Section 504 meeting may be convened to determine if the student’s IEP or Section 504 plan can be implemented at the choice school.

The parents of a student with disabilities (special education and Section 504), who attends a school other than their neighborhood school on a school choice transfer, must provide their own transportation.

A Note About Charter Schools

There are several charter schools in this district. Charter schools receive public funds but are independent legal entities governed by their own board of directors.

Charter schools have their own admission procedures — they do not accept 4J school choice forms and are not included in the 4J school choice lottery. They must provide an equitable enrollment opportunity for any interested students. To inquire about enrolling, contact the charter school directly.


Please see School Choice FAQs or email hollingsworth_l@4j.lane.edu