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Out-of-District Transfers

Eugene School District 4J welcomes families who live outside of the district to request a transfer to 4J.

The opportunity to apply for an open enrollment transfer for 2018–19 begins Thursday, March 1, 2018, at 8 a.m. and ends Sunday, April 1, 2018, at midnight.

Open enrollment info night for out-of-district families
Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2018, at 7 p.m.
4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St.
Spanish interpretation provided 

There are two main ways for students to change districts, established by state law: “Open Enrollment” and “Inter-district Transfers.”

Online Application 

Open Enrollment

Families who live outside of Eugene School District 4J may apply to transfer to the district through “open enrollment” in the spring.

This kind of transfer does not require approval by the resident district. Once your student is accepted into the district on this kind of transfer, he or she will remain a student in the district and continue enrollment in the same school without needing to reapply each year. You will need to apply to request enrollment in a specific school when your student changes school levels (e.g. moving from elementary to middle school), unless your student is continuing in a K–12 language immersion program.

A lottery is held each spring to determine the order in which requests will be granted for any available openings in the district and in schools open to out-of-district requests. To participate in the lottery, submit your open enrollment request by the annual lottery deadline.

The opportunity to apply for an open enrollment transfer for 2018–19 begins Thursday, March 1, 2018, at 8 a.m. and ends Sunday, April 1, 2018, at midnight.

Online Application

Inter-district Transfers

If you miss the open enrollment lottery deadline, a second window opens in the summer for families to apply to transfer to the district. This second process is called “inter-district transfers.”

This kind of transfer requires approval by the district where the student resides. It is a temporary transfer for a single school year. Once your student is accepted into the district on this kind of transfer, you will need to apply for a new transfer the following year in order to stay enrolled in 4J.

The district will accept requests inter-district transfers for 2018–19 beginning Sunday, July 1, 2018, at 8 a.m. The application closes Tuesday, July 31, 2018, at midnight.

These applications are processed on a rolling basis, as they are received.

After July 31, contact the school choice coordinator, Lisa Hollingsworth, at hollingsworth_l@4j.lane.edu or 541-790-7553.

Online Application

School Preference

Non-residents applying to transfer to the district may request their preferred school or schools among those that are open to requests. For any transfer, the preferred school must have a space available to meet the student’s needs.

Some schools are not open to requests from out-of-district students, because district residents have priority for any openings and these schools will not be able to accommodate all of the 4J residents who wish to attend.

Schools that may be requested by non-residents applying for Open Enrollment or Inter-district Transfer requests for 2018-19
(transfers will be accepted only where space is available to meet the student’s needs) 

Elementary Schools


Awbrey Park  K–5
Chavez  K–5
Chinese Language Immersion  K–5
Corridor   K–5
Family School  K–5
Spring Creek  K–5
Twin Oaks  K–5
Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion  K–5

Middle Schools


Arts & Technology Academy  6–8
Kelly  6–8
Kennedy  6–8
Madison  6–8

High Schools


Churchill  9–11
North Eugene  9–11


Enrollment Priorities

If there are more non-resident applicants for open enrollment than the number of openings determined by the school board, students will be admitted to the district through a lottery using these priorities:

  • 1st priority will be given to nonresident students currently enrolled in a 4J school via an existing open enrollment transfer or an existing inter-district transfer for the current year
  • 2nd priority will be given to nonresident students with a sibling, living in the same household, who has the district’s permission (through open enrollment) to attend the same 4J school
  • 3rd priority will be given to all other non-resident students.

All offers to enroll are based on space availability. Please note that district residents have priority for enrollment and must be placed before seats can be offered to out-of-district applicants.

NOTE: Per the open enrollment state law, (1) district residents must be accommodated first, and (2) non-resident applicants must be offered and accept a seat by April 30, or their application becomes ineligible. This means that if a school still has in-district students on a waiting list for a particular grade after April 30, any out-of-district students’ applications on that grade-level wait list will be ineligible for an open enrollment transfer for that year and will be removed from the wait list.

Transfers to Other Districts

4J residents who want to transfer to another school district must apply to the district they wish to transfer to.


Please contact Lisa Hollingsworth at hollingsworth_l@4j.lane.edu with any questions.