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Out-of-District Transfers

Non-Residents 2015–16

4J Schools Available for Nonresident Student Admission for 2015–16

The following schools/grades are available for students requesting a new inter-district transfer to Eugene School District 4J for school year 2015–16. For locations and more information about these schools, please visit 4j.lane.edu/schools/. To apply for an inter-district transfer, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Awbrey Park                                   Kindergarten

Bertha Holt                                      Kindergarten

Corridor                                            K – 5

Howard                                             Kindergarten, 1, 2

McCornack                                       Kindergarten

River Road                                        Kindergarten, 1, 2

Twin Oaks                                         Kindergarten, 1, 2

Yujin Gakuen                                   K – 5


Kelly                                                     6

Madison                                              6

Monroe                                                6

HIGH SCHOOL                            AVAILABLE GRADES         

North Eugene                                  9, 10

If there are more non-resident applicants than the number of openings determined by the school board, students will be admitted to the district through a lottery using these priorities: 1st priority will be given to nonresident students currently enrolled in a 4J school via a 2014–15 inter-district transfer; 2nd priority will be given to nonresident students with a sibling, living in the same household, who has the district’s permission (Open Enrollment) to attend the same 4J school; 3rd priority will be given to all other non-resident students.

New inter-district transfer requests must be approved by the student’s resident district. Requests will be accepted and forwarded by 4J staff to the resident district. All new inter-district transfer requests must approved by the resident district before the application is placed on the choice school’s list.

Transfer requests from non-resident students enrolled in a 4J school for 2014–15 do not require a release from their resident district. Non-resident students may only return to their current school if there is no wait list of 4J resident students for that school/grade. Please send an email to hollingsworth_l@4j.lane.edu for a returning student inter-district transfer form.

Click here to request a new inter-district transfer to a school listed above: 4jschoolchoice.com

Please contact Lisa Hollingsworth at hollingsworth_l@4j.lane.edu for questions or assistance with the online request form.