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Out of District Transfers

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Eugene School District 4J welcomes families who live outside of the district to request a transfer to 4J. All offers to enroll at a 4J school are based on space availability and contingent upon the consent of the applicant’s home district or district of residence release.

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See below for information about:

Who applies as a non-resident

4J schools open to non-resident transfers

Enrollment priorities for non-resident transfers

4J resident requests to transfer to other districts

Who applies as a non-resident

All students who live outside of Eugene School District 4J and do not have an existing non-temporary transfer to their current school must apply for a transfer to attend a 4J school. This includes:

• Students who are new to a 4J school, including siblings of current students.

• Students who have been attending a 4J school as a district resident and have moved out of the district this year, even if they have obtained a temporary transfer to complete the school year.

• Students who are currently attending a 4J school on a transfer, and are changing school levels (e.g. middle to high school) or want to change schools. (K–12 language immersion programs are the exception; students continuing in the program are enrolled in the next level without needing to apply.)

4J schools open to non-resident transfers

Non-residents applying to transfer to the district may request their preferred school or schools from among those that are open to requests. For any transfer, the preferred school must have a spot available to meet the student’s needs. Some 4J schools are not open to non-resident applications because those schools will not have space available after district residents are accommodated.

The following schools may be requested for 2020–21 enrollment:

Awbrey Park Elementary School
Chávez Elementary School
Chinese Immersion Elementary School
Edgewood Elementary School
Family School
River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School (Spanish Dual Immersion)
Spring Creek Elementary School
Yujin Gakuen Elementary School (Japanese Immersion)

Arts & Technology Academy
Kennedy Middle School
Madison Middle School
Spencer Butte Middle School
Monroe Middle School

HIGH SCHOOLS (grades 9–11 only, except for returning students)
Churchill High School
International High School at Churchill
North Eugene High School
Sheldon High School

Enrollment priorities for non-residents

Eugene School District 4J residents have priority for any opening in a 4J school. Out-of-district applicants will be offered seats after 4J residents regardless of previous enrollment in a 4J school.

Out-of-district families are asked to indicate which 4J schools they prefer, among those open to requests. A lottery and the following priorities determine the order in which any available spaces are offered to students and the remaining students are placed on the school’s waiting list. If there are more total non-resident applicants than the number of districtwide openings approved by the school board, students will be admitted to the district through a lottery using the same priorities.

  • Returning Student – A non-resident student attending the school for the current school year and requesting to continue enrollment in the school after moving outside of the 4J  district boundary.
  • Sibling  A sibling residing in the same household with a student who is currently attending a 4J school and is eligible to be co-enrolled at the school with the applicant in the next school year.
  • All other non-resident students

All offers to enroll at a 4J school are based on space availability and contingent upon the consent of the applicant’s home district.

4J resident request to transfer to other districts

A 4J resident who chooses to transfer to another school district must apply to the district they wish to attend. The receiving district will contact 4J to request consent to release.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not addressed, please email schoolchoice@4j.lane.edu.