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ELL Reclassification and Exiting

Students exit from the ELL program once they reach a 5 (advanced) on Oregon’s English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA). This “exit” criterion has been established by the Oregon Department of Education. However, this exit criterion may be challenged once a student reaches a “4“ (early advanced) on the ELPA if there is evidence that a student is able to successfully participate in grade appropriate content and continues to perform on par with his or her peers (e. g., grades, state assessments, work samples). Parents and classroom teachers are notified in writing when a student is “reclassified“ to monitor status.

It is a state regulation that students who exit the ELL program be monitored for two years to ensure that they are having success in the regular classroom. Measures of student success can be grades, Oregon State Assessment results, District reading and math assessments, and curriculum-based assessments. At each grading period, classroom teachers are given a “Monitor Reporting Survey.“ If this survey indicates that students are experiencing academic difficulties, they are then assessed with the English Woodcock-Muñoz Language Proficiency Survey. If students receive less than a 4 on the “broad“ portion of this assessment they will be readmitted.

Monitoring is ended after two years if the results of the monitoring indicate that the student is having success in the mainstream and demonstrates English proficiency.