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Last Name First Name Department or School Telephone Title
Albright Margaret Spencer Butte Middle School (541) 790-8300 Counselor
Baker Lee Roosevelt Middle School (541) 790-8500 Counselor
Baxter Stephanie Kennedy Middle School (541) 790-5500 Counselor
Brookshear Mandy Edison Elementary School            -- Counselor
Buss Shantel South Eugene High School (541) 790-8000 Counselor
Coleman Tim Arts & Technology Academy            -- Counselor
Dale Laura Dept Of Teaching And Learning (541) 790-6850 Counselor
Desimone Livy Edgewood Community Elementary School            -- Counselor
Emrick Dani Howard Elementary School            -- Counselor
Evans Jeannie Sheldon High School            -- Counselor
Gaines Ayhana Family School            -- Counselor
Greene-Chacon Amanda Buena Vista Spanish Immersion            -- Counselor
Halstead Nita Churchill High School (541) 790-3741 Counselor
Harris Jennifer North Eugene High School (541) 790-7200 Counselor
Hock Jaime McCornack Elementary School (541) 790-8829 Counselor
Humbert Tammy Sheldon High School (541) 790-4500 Counselor
Humbert Darla Dept Of Teaching And Learning (541) 790-7100 Counselor
Klein Scott Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion (541) 790-4600 Counselor
Leahy Michael South Eugene High School (541) 790-8000 Counselor
Madathil Shirley South Eugene High School (541) 790-8000 Counselor
Martin Laura Churchill High School            -- Counselor
McAuliffe Kathleen Churchill High School (541) 790-5100 Counselor
McGhehey Kelly Eugene Education Options (541) 790-4442 Counselor
McGlinsky Juli South Eugene High School (541) 790-8000 Counselor
Mickola Gabe Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School (541) 790-7050 Counselor
Miller Debbie Twin Oaks Elementary School (541) 790-3417 Counselor
Moen Esther Camas Ridge Community School            -- Counselor
Narayan-Wold Brinda Kelly Middle School (541) 790-5800 Counselor
Olson Deanna Spring Creek Elementary School (541) 790-4870 Counselor
Pierce Jon Michael Willagillespie Elementary School            -- Counselor
Prehoda Heathre Cal Young Middle School            -- Counselor
Salmond Caleb Dept Of Teaching And Learning (541) 790-7574 Counselor On Special Assignmnt
Smith Clair Sheldon High School            -- Counselor
Solomon Aura North Eugene High School (541) 790-6621 Counselor
Stringer Sydney Adams Elementary School            -- Counselor
Taylor Max Bertha Holt Elementary School            -- Counselor
Tiemann Casey Churchill High School (541) 790-4442 Counselor
Tilson Carrie Monroe Middle School            -- Counselor
Tomlanovich Anne Madison Middle School (541) 790-4300 Counselor
Voss Michael Sheldon High School (541) 790-6600 Counselor
Williams Ashli Awbrey Park Elementary School            -- Counselor
Yakovich Anthony North Eugene High School            -- Counselor
Zaklan Brandeis Gilham Elementary School (541) 790-6200 Counselor

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