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Eugene School District 4J views district staff, students, parents/guardians and other district residents as essential partners in the educational process. Members of the public, parents, students and staff are encouraged to make their concerns known to the district and to give the district an opportunity to review those concerns and respond to them in a timely manner.

Whenever possible, concerns should be resolved by communication with the individual employee, school or department directly involved in the issue.

If the concern is not resolved through communication with the parties directly involved, or at the school or department level, it may be addressed through the district’s written complaint process.

Students, parents and members of the public can file a complaint by completing the Eugene School District 4J complaint form and submitting it to the Office of the Superintendent, 200 North Monroe Street, Eugene OR 97402.

Please contact the superintendent’s office at 541-790-7706 with any questions.

NOTE: If the complainant is unable to put the complaint in writing due to conditions such as a disability or illiteracy, district staff will assist the complainant in writing the complaint.

Complaint Form