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Calendar Changed to Restore Weather Closure Days

Like most other Oregon districts, Eugene School District 4J has had an unprecedented number of no-school days due to hazardous weather this year. Five school days have been restored to the school year, four at the end of the year in June and one earlier in the spring. The last day of school for students is now Thursday, June 22. 


2016–17 Calendar

Academic Calendar Date Lists
• Elementary School (revised Feb. 2017)
• Middle & High School (revised Feb. 2017)

One-Page Printable Calendar: 4J’s academic calendar in a printable one-page calendar format (revised Feb. 2017)
Calendario Escolar en Inglés y Español
: (revisado en febrero de 2017)

Online Calendar: View online by day, week or month, or add to your own online calendar. (revised Feb. 2017)

Employee Work Year Calendars: Contracted work days for each employee group and schedule. 



4J_KeyDates_2017–18_English_rectangle2017–18 Calendar

Academic Calendar Date Lists
• Elementary School
• Middle & High School 


About 4J’s Academic Calendars

Eugene School District 4J’s academic calendars have traditionally been approved by the Eugene School Board and published each spring for the following school year. In spring 2016, a calendar also was developed and approved for the second following school year, 2017–18.

The school year in 4J typically begins in September, on the Wednesday after Labor Day, and ends in mid-June. The first day of school of the 2016–17 school year will be Wednesday, September 7. The first day of school of the 2017–18 school year will be Wednesday, September 6.

The minimum amount of instructional time in each school year is set by the Oregon Department of Education, governed by state law.

The dates on the districtwide academic calendar are applied at all schools in most cases. Individual schools may have additional early-release and no-school days, such as parent conference days. Check with your school for variations from the districtwide calendar.