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School Schedule Community Forum

Parents, public invited to discuss schedules and provide input to school board

Community Forum: School Schedules
Wednesday, April 18, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St., Eugene

Eugene School District 4J is moving to a standard schedule and consistent calendar for all schools in 2018–19. This will:

• ensure that all schools meet state standards for adequate instructional time
• provide fair and equitable learning time at all schools and increase learning time for most students
• provide consistent, predictable schedules for families, and
• allow coordinated time for staff professional development and collaboration.

The district has been discussing changing to a consistent calendar and schedule for more than a year. Last fall the district and our teachers’ union reached an agreement to provide fair, equitable and sufficient teaching and learning time for all students and teachers with a standard calendar and schedule for all schools starting in 2018–19.

It is now time to determine the specific schedules, and the district is seeking input from families, staff and the community. The district wants to hear from community members about your views on school schedules and what various changes would mean for you.

Parents, students, staff and other community members are invited to talk with school board members, learn more about the draft schedules under discussion, and provide feedback at a community forum on Wednesday, April 18, 5:30–6:30 p.m. Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Currently, each 4J school has a different schedule. Schools have different starting and ending times, different school day lengths, and different early-release, late-start and no-school days. This is inconsistent and challenging for families and leads to significant differences in learning time for each student and teaching time for each teacher.

Starting next school year, all schools at each level will have the same calendar, without extra no-school days or half-days at individual schools. The school calendar will be more similar between elementary, middle and high schools, with nearly the same no-school days at all school levels.

Daily and weekly school schedules also will be aligned across the district. Starting next fall, all schools at each level will have consistent start and end times, coordinated to provide equitable learning time and allow for efficient student transportation. Schools also will have the same early-release days for school and teacher planning, collaboration and professional development.

The details of a standard school schedule are under discussion now and will be decided this spring. A draft schedule has been published for discussion and feedback. This is not the final schedule; schedule decisions have not been made yet. Whatever final schedule is decided, it will require some bell schedule adjustments at every school.


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2018–19 school year calendar 

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