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New World Language Curriculum Open House

Drop in to review and provide input on curriculum options

World language curriculum open house:
Review new middle and high school options
Monday, March 12, 6–8 p.m. (drop-in)
4J Education Center, 200 N. Monroe St., Eugene
(invite your friends!)

New Spanish, French, Japanese and American Sign Language learning materials will be coming to middle and high schools next fall! Parents and community members are invited to review the options and provide input before final curriculum decisions are made.

Using bond funds approved by voters in 2013, the Eugene School District is in the process of adopting new world language curriculum materials, which were last adopted districtwide 15 years ago. Some materials still in use today rely on outdated technology and no longer align with state standards, which emphasize cultural competency, collaborative learning and analytical skills, in addition to communication proficiencies.

Teams of teachers, specialists, technology experts and other district staff have reviewed and piloted the new curriculum options and students have provided their feedback.

At the open house, visitors will see samples of both printed and online curriculum and have an opportunity to interact with online curriculum and supplemental materials.

Teachers who tried out the new curriculum options and other district staff will be at the open house to answer questions about the curriculum and the adoption process. Participants will be asked to take a short survey to provide their feedback.

Background & Process:

A curriculum adoption recommendation will be presented to the school board for a decision this spring. New materials will be in use in world language classes across the district beginning next school year. New language immersion curriculum will be adopted in the 2018–19 school year and implemented in schools the following year.

Invite Your Friends

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