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Kindergarten Orientation: Calling All 5-Year-Olds!

Starting kindergarten this fall? We want to meet you!

Let’s get to know each other! If your child will turn 5 on or before September 1, please come to your school’s kindergarten orientation (events start February 15, see schedule) or contact your school to enroll for fall 2018. If you have neighbors or friends with kids who will be in kindergarten this fall, please tell them about 4J’s kindergarten orientation events.

Starting school is an exciting time for kids and parents. For many children, kindergarten is the beginning of their education, the start of their developing love of learning, and even their first steps outside the familiarity of home. For many parents, it’s the start of a relationship with their public school system.

In Eugene School District 4J, we know how important the kindergarten year is. The 4J kindergarten program strives to give parents and students the right start in education by caring for and understanding each child’s needs and each parent’s concerns. Kindergarten is a full-day program in every 4J school.

Your child’s kindergarten experience will include:
• Full school day program
• Free breakfast every day
• Strong introduction to academics
• Caring, highly skilled teachers
• Social/emotional development
• Music and physical education
• Safe, secure, welcoming school environment

Kindergarten orientation events February 15–March 20: Every 4J elementary school has an event scheduled. Visit your school, meet the teachers and staff, and your child will receive a free goodie bag. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kindergarten orientation schedule

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