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4J Schools Grow in 2017

North Eugene High School and Arts & Technology Academy see strong growth; districtwide enrollment rises for third year in a row

Welcome to all 4J students! Schools in Eugene School District 4J are attracting more families to enroll: Student enrollment increased again this fall to 16,355, continuing a recent trend reversing several years of declining enrollment. Every new student is welcome.

North Eugene High School, Arts & Technology Academy and some other schools are seeing particular growth after some years of smaller enrollment.

School-level trends 

Schools go up or down in enrollment every year, but enrollment trends are exceptional and unmistakable at certain schools.

North Eugene High School is on the rise this year after some years of declining enrollment. With a schoolwide International Baccalaureate program available to all students (unique among 4J high schools), strong career technical education offerings, and new leadership, this year North Eugene has seen a significant change in trend, with enrollment up by 37 students.

Among neighborhood middle schools, Arts & Technology Academy has seen exceptional growth, with many more students this year and an increase of nearly 60% over the past few years.

Howard Elementary School has seen major growth over the past few years, up 41% from 2013 to 2017. Adams Elementary, Gilham Elementary, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary (Spanish/English dual immersion) and Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School also have seen strong growth during that time.

District enrollment history

Graph: Enrollment in Eugene School District 4J schools is now rising after many years of declining enrollment.

Rising enrollment is a change in Eugene School District 4J. District enrollment grew steadily through Eugene’s growth and the Baby Boom to a peak of nearly 22,000 students in 1969, and had been trending generally downward since then, to a low of 16,006 students in 2014–15.

Now enrollment is on the rise again, with students coming both from within the district and from out-of-district transfer students choosing to enroll in 4J. More students enrolled in 4J schools in 2015, 2016 and 2017, bringing enrollment back up to 16,355 this year. This recent span has been the first enrollment increase since 2003, and the largest growth since the 1990s.

Class sizes

The district has placed more teachers at North Eugene, Arts & Technology Academy, and several other schools to respond to higher-than-projected enrollment and shrink overlarge class sizes.

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