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Better Buildings: Improvements Are Underway

Summer construction projects are happening across the district, taking advantage of empty schools and good weather

School’s out for summer, and construction crews are busy across the district while students are out of school. This summer we’re completing the construction of two new schools and making repairs and improvements to existing buildings.

By the end of this summer, the district will have completed the replacement of two aging elementary schools and two middle schools with new buildings, thanks to voters who approved the school bond measure in 2013. Last fall, the new Howard Elementary School building and Roosevelt Middle School building opened their doors to students. This fall, River Road/El Camino de Río Elementary School and Arts & Technology Academy will welcome students to their new school buildings.

The new facilities are attractive additions to their neighborhoods. They provide better learning environments for students and will cost less to operate. Other schools across the district also are benefiting from building improvements and upgrades in technology, curriculum and equipment. (learn more)

¡Hola! to the New River Road/El Camino de Río

River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School will open the doors this fall in the fourth building in the school’s history. River Road School was originally built in 1914, but burned down in 1926 and was replaced. The third River Road school building opened in 1953 and housed generations of students before it was demolished this summer.

The new school building will provide a modern learning environment for teachers and their students—who learn to speak, read, write and more in both Spanish and English—while maximizing adjacent open space for outdoor learning, play areas and athletic fields. (learn more)

A New Home for ATA

Arts & Technology Academy, a neighborhood middle school located in the former Jefferson school building, offers an exciting and innovative instructional program that integrates science, technology, engineering and math—STEM—throughout the curriculum. The school’s new building opening in fall 2017 replaces the aging building that had been in service since 1957. The reconstruction project is primarily new construction and has retained some renovated portions of the old building.

The design and layout of the new building will support ATA’s STEM-focused instructional program. With a large project room and interactive classrooms located at the core of the school, the new building is designed to encourage group and project-based learning. (learn more

From Parking Lots to Roof Tops: Other 4J Building Improvements

Existing schools, athletic facilities and other 4J facilities will receive some TLC this summer, including:

  • Exterior painting — Chávez, Holt and Willagillespie elementary schools; Monroe Middle School; Churchill High School
  • Roofing — portions of Edgewood Elementary School and Kelly Middle School; Churchill High School
  • Track resurfacing — Sheldon High School
  • Turf field and long pit jump covers replacement — Cal Young and Madison middle schools
  • Dead tree removal, security fence installation and modular classroom upgrades — Fox Hollow Campus
  • Modular classroom upgrades — Chinese Language Immersion Program
  • Track shed replacement — North Eugene High School
  • Single occupancy restroom construction— Sheldon High School
  • Gym floor refinishing — Chávez, Gilham and Holt elementary schools; Kelly, Kennedy and Madison middle schools; North Eugene High School
  • Parking lot striping — multiple sites across the district

Many of these improvements are possible thanks to the bond measures approved by voters in 2011 and 2013. For other major updates on bond-funded school projects, see www.4j.lane.edu/communications/bond/news.

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