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Full Schedules for 10th Graders in 2017–18

District has expanded full scheduling to high school sophomores 

To help students get off to a strong start in high school, Eugene School District 4J has targeted funding in recent years to provide full class schedules for all 9th graders. Now 4J 10th graders will have full schedules as well.

The district has added high school teacher staffing for a top priority, providing full schedules for all students in 10th grade as well as 9th grade. This targeted investment started in the second trimester last year and will continue in 2017–18.

High schools have added class sections to provide meaningful learning experiences for every student in every period, and adjusted student schedules to ensure every 10th grade student has five classes. In the rare case that a family does not want their child to have a full schedule, they can address it with the student’s counselor.

The expansion of full scheduling to 10th grade is targeted to support student success. Students who are in class more learn more, earn more credits and are more likely to graduate on time.

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