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Nominees Named in 2017 ACE Awards

89 staff and volunteers honored in business-supported educator awards program

Public school staff and volunteers make a difference for kids and deserve appreciation every day. In a show of that appreciation, parents, colleagues and community members have honored nearly 90 outstanding 4J employees and volunteers with a nomination for the 2017 ACE (A Champion in Education) Awards.

ACE Award “Champions” are nominated and selected each year from the Eugene, Bethel and Springfield schools in each of the four categories: Licensed, Classified, Administrators and Volunteers. Each champion’s school receives a $1,000 award for a project or program at the school.

All nominees will be honored and the champions will be announced on the evening of Tuesday, April 25, at an elegant awards ceremony at the Hult Center. To reserve a seat, please register online. Admission is $10 per person and seating is limited so early registration is advised. Register online 

The ACE Awards are a collaborative effort of the Eugene 4J, Bethel and Springfield school districts and the Eugene and Springfield chambers of commerce. The program is made possible by the generous support of the local business community, notably title sponsor Oregon Community Credit Union and supporting sponsors Hershner Hunter Attorneys and Eugene–Springfield McDonalds.

Congratulations to all of the nominees from Eugene School District 4J:

Teachers & Other Licensed Staff

Lisa Albrich, Spanish Teacher, Sheldon High School
Lee Baker, Counselor, Arts & Technology Academy
Salvador Barajas, Spanish Teacher, North Eugene High School
Tyler Boorman, Music Teacher, Kennedy Middle School
Becky Casado, Teacher, McCornack Elementary School
Jim Conaghan, School Psychologist, Student Services Department
Lindsey Daggett, Teacher, Bertha Holt Elementary School
Kenneth Davis, Spanish Teacher, South Eugene High School
Tom di Liberto, Social Studies Teacher, Monroe Middle School
Gregory Dunkin, Home Economics Teacher, South Eugene High School
Dene Eller, District Elementary Physical Education Specialist, Instruction Department
Sara Farmer, Physical Education Teacher, Kennedy Middle School
Carmella Fleming, Counselor, Bertha Holt Elementary School
Susanna Goodwin, Spanish Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School
Steve Grossberg, Essential Skills Coordinator, Churchill High School
Nora Hagerty, Teacher, Adams Elementary School
Eric Johannsen, Health Education Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School
Kristi Johnson, Teacher, Camas Ridge Community School
Ariel King, Teacher, Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School
Karen Lacey, Speech Specialist, Student Services Department
Yvette Landrum, Special Education Teacher, Gilham Elementary School
Shirley Madathil, Counselor, Monroe Middle School
Dana Marks, Teacher, McCornack Elementary School
Tyler Martell, Advanced Math Teacher, Sheldon High School
Jaimee Massie, Essential Skills Coordinator/Teacher on Special Assignment, Bertha Holt Elementary School
Bethani Mayberry, English Language Learners Teacher, Camas Ridge Community School
Laura McCaskill, eacher, Gilham Elementary School
Nanci McChesney-Henry, Physical Education Teacher, Sheldon High School
Talon Nansel, Music Teacher, Monroe Middle School
Polly Nelson, Special Education Teacher, South Eugene High School
Jamie Nicholsen-Tait, Teacher, Awbrey Park Elementary School
Laura Queirolo, AVID Teacher, Spencer Butte Middle School/South Eugene High School
Tracy Reed, Teacher, César Chávez Elementary School
Ashley Reich, Teacher, Bertha Holt Elementary School
Jed Shafer, GED Program Coordinator, Eugene Education Options/Early College & Career Options (ECCO)
David Sheehan, Alternative Programs Teacher, Eugene Education Options
Marty Smith, Social Studies Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School
Chris Stober, Special Education Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School
Darcy Strange, Math Teacher, Arts & Technology Academy
Kim Sullivan, Special Education Teacher, Camas Ridge Community School
Jill Torres, Teacher, Howard Elementary School

Classified Staff

Julio Aguirre, Bus Driver, Transportation
Janell Baker, Educational Assistant, Gilham Elementary School
Joe Brainard, Student and School Coordinator, Instruction Department
Ann Christianson, Volunteer Program Coordinator, North Eugene High School
Peggy Farris, Department Secretary, Eugene International High School
Chanel Green, Middle School Secretary, Monroe Middle School
Stu Grenfell, Program Coordinator, KRVM Radio
Jason Lewis Harter, Behavioral Educational Assistant, Sheldon High School
Gary Henager, Bus Driver, Transportation
Sheree Houck, Career Center Assistant, Churchill High School
Debora Kovensky, Behavioral Educational Assistant, Roosevelt Middle School
Maria Lee, Educational Assistant, McCornack Elementary School
Anne Lettkeman, Food Service Coordinator, South Eugene High School
Fernell Lopez, Bilingual Educational Assistant, Kelly Middle School
Kaylee Luna, Program Coordinator Assistant, Eugene Education Options (EEO)/Early College & Career Options (ECCO)
Larry Meyers, Custodial Maintenance Coordinator, Awbrey Park Elementary School
Marguerite Moore, Educational Assistant, Howard Elementary School
Blake Ridgway, Behavioral Educational Assistant, Camas Ridge Community School
Judy Smith, Records and Scheduling Assistant, Arts & Technology Academy
Kevin Summerfield, Educational Assistant, Churchill High School
Christopher Turner, Educational Assistant, McCornack Elementary School
Misty Watson, Food Service Coordinator, Early College & Career Options (ECCO)

Administrators, Professionals & Supervisors

George Gillett, Assistant Principal, Spencer Butte Middle School
AJ Hruby, Assistant Principal, Arts & Technology Academy
Michael Johnson, Principal, Monroe Middle School
Londa Rochholz, Principal, McCornack Elementary School
Leila Schuck, Education Administrator, Student Services Department
Charlie Smith, Principal, Kennedy Middle School
Brian Watson, Assistant Principal, Monroe Middle School


Ed Chastain, Gilham Elementary School
April Colgrove, Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School
Mark Harden, Awbrey Park Elementary School
Sue Harnly, South Eugene High School
Julie Henning, Arts & Technology Academy
Beth Hopkins, Gilham Elementary School
Sydney Koh, Buena Vista Spanish Immersion School
Lindsey Poulsen, Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School
Moira Querns, Bertha Holt Elementary School
Maya Rabasa, Camas Ridge Elementary School
Brandyn Rice, Gilham Elementary School
Judy Salisbury, Willagillespie Elementary School
Jenn Sheffler, Arts & Technology Academy
Sue Thompson, Awbrey Park Elementary School
Mike Truitt, Kelly Middle School
Barbie Walker, Early College & Career Options (ECCO)
Lisa Walker, Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School
Julie Ward, Monroe Middle School
Tiffany Wright, Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School

Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to the 89 employees and volunteers named above. And thanks to all of our Team Eugene staff, nominated or not, who give their all for 4J students every day.
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