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Board Appoints Committee Members

Equity, budget committee both fill 2 open seats

The school board has appointed four community members to the district’s equity and budget committees.

On Nov. 4 the board reappointed Jennifer Winters Francois and Tim Gleason to the district’s volunteer budget committee. Their previous terms expired June 30, 2015, and they applied to continue serving on the committee until 2018.

The board also selected Laura Dahill and Surendra Subramani to fill vacant positions on the district’s equity committee.

Fourteen community members applied to fill the four open committee seats. Board members shared their thanks with all those who volunteered to serve our community in this role.

About the budget committee
About the equity committee


Note: This article has been corrected from the original. The original post incorrectly identified applicant Herb Pendleton as having been selected for the equity committee. Mr. Pendleton received several votes but the selected candidate was Laura Dahill.

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