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2015 ACE Awards Nominees Named

4J staff and volunteers nominated

More than 80 outstanding 4J employees and volunteers have been honored with a nomination for the 10th annual ACE (A Champion in Education) Awards.

ACE Award “Champions” will be selected from Eugene, Bethel and Springfield schools in each of the four categories: Licensed, Classified, Administrators and Volunteers. Each champion’s school will receive a $1,000 award for a project or program at the school.

All nominees will be honored and the champions will be announced on the evening of Tuesday, April 28, at an elegant awards ceremony at the Hult Center. To reserve a seat, please register online. Admission is $10 per person and seating is limited so early registration is advised. Register online 

The ACE Awards are a collaborative effort of the Eugene 4J, Bethel and Springfield school districts and the Eugene and Springfield chambers of commerce. The program is made possible by the generous support of presenting sponsor Oregon Community Credit Union and other supporting sponsors from the local business community: Hershner Hunter LLC, PacificSource Health Plans and Eugene-Springfield McDonalds.

Congratulations to all of the nominees from Eugene School District 4J:

Teachers & Other Licensed Staff
Susie Belnap, 5th Grade Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Carissa Boyce, Title Coordinator, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Cecelia Brands, Teacher on Special Assignment, Technology • Patrick Chesterman, 2nd Grade Teacher, Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School • Mary Christensen-Moore, 2nd Grade Teacher, Camas Ridge Community School • Daniel Clark, Math Teacher, Sheldon High School • Kerry Couture, Alternative Education Teacher, Sheldon High School • Patrice Cowman, 1st Grade Teacher, Willagillespie Elementary School • Chris Dobson, Music Teacher, South Eugene High School • Margarita Field, 1st Grade Teacher, Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School • Amber Frank, 4th Grade Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Eric Freeman, 3rd Grade Teacher, Camas Ridge Community School • Kristen Gianforti, Counselor, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Brian Gulka, 5th Grade Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Christie Hoogendoorn, 1st Grade Teacher, Camas Ridge Community School • Beth Hynes, 3rd Grade Teacher, Edgewood Community Elementary School • Deb James, 3rd Grade Teacher, Adams Elementary School • Michele Jensen, 3rd Grade French Teacher, Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School • Peggy Karotko, Language Arts Teacher, Monroe Middle School • Judith Kerner, Special Education Teacher, Churchill High School • Richard Leebrick, Language Arts Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School • Shirley Madathil, Counselor, Monroe Middle School • Joe Mancuso, Special Education Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School • Didi Moore, 1st Grade Teacher, McCornack Elementary School • Talon Nansel, Music Teacher, Monroe Middle School • Jessica O’Shea, 2nd Grade Teacher, Willagillespie Elementary School • Ashley Pond, 3rd Grade Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Shannon Roseta, Counselor, Churchill High School • Eric Schiff, Computer Teacher, Cal Young Middle School • Jennifer Smith, 3rd Grade Teacher, McCornack Elementary School • Brianna Stiller, School Psychologist and Behavior Specialist, Educational Support Services • Courtney Stitt, Math Teacher, Arts & Technology Academy • Gretchen Suchman, Math Teacher, Spencer Butte Middle School • Kara Walter, Child Development CTE Teacher, North Eugene High School • Clair Wiles, Social Studies Teacher, North Eugene High School • Jeff Wyman, Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School

Classified Staff
Heather Acharya, Middle School Attendance Clerk, Spencer Butte Middle School • Michelle Bierman, Education Skills Trainer, Kennedy Middle School • Dana Chase, Custodian, South Eugene High School • Bobbie Cirel, KRVM Financial Support Representative, KRVM • Jan Gordon, Registrar, Sheldon High School • Charlotte Haker, Special Education Educational Assistant, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Maricela Hernandez, Educational Assistant, Gilham Elementary School • Kelly Henson, Educational Assistant and School Plus Program Coordinator, Howard Elementary School • Jane Kinports, Records and Scheduling Assistant, Roosevelt Middle School • Jennifer Kotlarek, Library Specialist, Spencer Butte Middle School • Belia Loftis, Food Service Coordinator II, Sheldon High School • Fernell Lopez, Bilingual Educational Assistant, Kelly Middle School • Stephen Lueders, Educational Assistant, Edison Elementary School • Nadia Lutje-Tort, Bilingual Educational Assistant, North Eugene High School • Diana McElhinney, Classified Benefits Coordinator, Human Resources • Trista Neuman, Records and Scheduling Assistant, Spencer Butte Middle School • Mary Peterson, Special Education Educational Assistant, Roosevelt Middle School • Michelle Phillipo, High School Attendance Clerk, Sheldon High School • Eva Promen, Day Care Program Educational Assistant, South Eugene High School • Liz Rommel, Post Grad Planning Specialist, North Eugene High School • Corey Rusco, Custodial Maintenance Coordinator, Arts & Technology Academy • Candise Ryder, Autism 1:1 Educational Assistant, Edgewood Community Elementary School • Gary Selland, Custodial Technician, Facilities • Sarah Singleton, Special Education Educational Assistant, Gilham Elementary School • Claire Smith, Elementary School Assistant, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Corinne Smith, Custodial Maintenance Coordinator, Gilham Elementary School • Connie Summers, Audio/Visual Textbook Specialist, South Eugene High School • Susan Wilson, Special Education Educational Assistant, Arts & Technology Academy • Audrey Wiltz, Educational Assistant, Madison Middle School

Administrators, Professionals & Supervisors
Eric Anderson, Principal, Charlemagne French Immersion Elementary School • Allan Chinn, Principal, Howard Elementary School • Harlan Coats, Facilities and Maintenance Manager, Facilities • Jericho Dunn, Assistant Principal, South Eugene High School • Michael Johnson, Principal, Monroe Middle School • Courtney Leonard, Assistant Principal, North Eugene High School • Londa Rochholz, Principal, McCornack Elementary • Carmen Urbina, Parent, Community and Diversity Coordinator, Superintendent’s Office

Bree Bouse, Volunteer, Edgewood Community Elementary School • Anne Bridgman, Volunteer, 4J Middle School Mentor Program • Nancy Fischer, Volunteer, Spring Creek Elementary School • Dana Fleming, Volunteer, Roosevelt Middle School • Margaret Guillory, Volunteer, Cal Young Middle School • Missy Lathon, Volunteer, Gilham Elementary School • Moira Querns, Volunteer, Bertha Holt Elementary • Joe Richter, Volunteer, Churchill High School • Sarah Yapp, Volunteer, Camas Ridge Community School

ACE Awards website

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