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New River Road School Design Progresses

New school will be built to west of existing building

The aging River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School will soon be replaced with a new building, thanks to voters’ approval of the school bond measure in May 2013. The new school will provide better learning environments for students and will cost less to operate.

The old school is in the center of a long, narrow property, and one critical decision to be made in the design process was whether to place the new school to the west or east of the existing school.

After a thorough public engagement process, and considering public input, educational and site requirements, the River Road Design Committee has evaluated all of the options and determined the siting of the new school. The design team is proceeding with designing a new school to be built to the west of the existing school.

Now the more detailed design work begins. The design committee will continue to be as responsive as possible to neighborhood, family and community input as the design of the new school takes shape. The new school construction project is scheduled to break ground in 2015. 

River Road School Site Selection Process — school board presentation slideshow, Oct. 15, 2014
River Road School Site Selection Evaluation Matrix 
River Road School Design Public Engagement Process 

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