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Civic Stadium Recommendation

Superintendent recommends City of Eugene proposal, with conditions

The district has received three strong, viable offers for the Civic Stadium properties. After considering the pros and cons of each offer, Superintendent Shelley Berman has recommended that the Eugene School Board select the City of Eugene and negotiate a purchase agreement for $4.5 million with some conditions.

These conditions would be part of the purchase contract:

  • A firm commitment to proceed with the purchase within nine months from the date of the purchase and sale agreement. No time extensions will be granted.
  • If the City of Eugene sells all or part of the property at a future date, the district will receive a portion of any proceeds resulting from an increase in the sales price.
  • A restriction prohibiting property uses that are deemed inappropriate or incompatible with the close proximity of South Eugene High School.
  • The city immediately assumes all costs of maintaining and insuring the property  and all associated holding costs.
  • 4J is allowed to continue to utilize the former transportation shop areas for storage of surplus furniture and equipment until closing.

The city’s offer provides the quickest path to providing revenue and certainty to the district.

The city’s offer to purchase the property for $4.5 million is neither the highest nor the lowest monetary offer, but it is the quickest. The city is offering to purchase the property within nine months after a purchase and sale agreement is reached, contingent on the City Council’s approval to proceed. The competing proposals are likely to require 2 to 3 years or longer to obtain the required rezoning and demolition approvals needed to remove the contingencies in their offers.

There is a community benefit in maintaining the property in public ownership.

There is a great deal of community interest in the future of the property, particularly in nearby neighborhoods. The Eugene School District has a long-standing history of collaboration and partnership with the City of Eugene. The superintendent recommends that 4J defer to the city the judgment about the appropriate future best use of the property if the purchase goes forward.

The board’s goal is to make a responsible decision on behalf of all 4J students and the community.

The board will deliberate in public session at the meetings on February 5 and 19 before making a decision on February 19.

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