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Monday, Dec. 9, 2013: No School for Students, Athletics & Activities Canceled, Staff Report

School day will be made up later
Friday, Dec.13 is back to regular school day

4J schools will be closed on Monday, Dec. 9, due to snow. Staff will report to work. Athletic practices, activities and building rentals are canceled. The school day will be made up later in the year. Friday, Dec. 13 has been restored to a regular school day.

Friday’s heavy snowfall is still on the ground and is not expected to melt by Monday morning. Having checked the road conditions on school bus routes and determined that buses might not be able to operate safely on all routes, the district has decided to cancel school for students. After-school activities, athletic practices, and outside use of school buildings also have been canceled.

Regular staff will report to work for an inservice day on Monday if they were scheduled to work on Friday, Dec. 6. This will replace the grading, training and planning day that was forgone last Friday due to extreme weather. Staff who work only on student contact days and short-term substitutes do not report.

Of course, the terrain of the community and the distance away from school that both students and staff live make it impossible for the district to make a decision that is acceptable or appropriate to everyone. Each staff member may determine whether he or she can get to work safely. Staff members have various leave provisions they can use when they believe they are unable to get to work safely.

The district had previously planned to make up the needed inservice day with a no-school day next Friday, Dec. 13. Monday’s no-school day will fill this purpose instead, so school will be in session on Friday as originally scheduled.

So that students do not lose instruction time, Monday’s no-school day will be made up at the end of the school year or on a day previously designated as a budget reduction/furlough day. The scheduling of the make-up day will be determined and announced soon.

Thank you for your understanding with these schedule changes due to the unusual weather conditions.

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